History of Sunil’s

Sole For Every Soul

In the late 1960’s Sunil Samaratunga started off as a shoe salesman at a retailer in Fort, Colombo, here he also acquired the art of working with leather by learning from traditional Portuguese shoemakers, honing his skills on the detail and expertise required to create luxurious durable leather products.

Having learned from the original shoemakers, Sunil then started his own leather goods store in 1971 out of a small garage in Colombo 03. He has since slowly built his handmade leather product empire.

For over 44 years, Sunil has created and perfected his brand as a premier leather goods creator in Sri Lanka and internationally and he firmly believes in quality above all, making sure that only the very best product is sold to his customers.

Customers are able to share in his passion for the forgotten art of handmade shoe making through Sunil products and also Sunil’s exuberance and willingness in describing everything from process to design of his products when they visit Sunil’s Gallery.